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North West
Printed Food Packaging Required
Boxes to supply fresh fruit Verification Notes: Quotes are required for 100-200 printed boxes which will be used to supply fruit to businesses. The boxes will need to hold around 5kg of assorted fruit. The company logo and telephone number is required on each box - 4 colour printing. The boxes should be self-assembly. Dimensions aren't given but the boxes should be similar in size to a whole sale crisp box.
Packaging Required
Shocking pink cupcake boxes for individual or 4 cakes. Also looking at same but in glossy black too. Need quotes for window and full boxes. Quality control:Quotes for printed packaging required for a new business. 200 printed boxes required. Ideally sample boxes will be required in thick quality card.
Other regions
Printed Packaging Required
Boxes to hold a range of 5 wall clocks. 2 different size boxes are needed: 300 x 300 x 40mm (250 boxes) & 350 x 170 x 40mm (100 boxes) I would like to use a tray type base with an insert the clock can be attached to the middle of that fits inside the this base. I hope to use a card sleeve to go over the top of these. I would like the boxes to be plain 'kraft' brown in colour with my logo on the top of each. I also need the sleeves to be printed with 5 different designs. Quality control: Printed boxes required. 2 different types of boxes with logo printed. Prices also required for supply of boxes without logo. The boxes require sleeves to go over them with images printed on the sleeves. C4,000 boxes required subject to prices.
East Midlands
Printed Packaging Required
A Card sleeve printed to go over a plain box Quality control:Two sizes of printed packaging are required for a sewing machine packaging. They required quotes for a light weight printed card that will "wrap" around a machine. Sizes and quantities are 1) L 400 x w 200 x d 360. Please quote for 500 1000 2000 copies. 2) L 430 x w 220 x d 350 Please quote for 250 500 1000 2000 printed copies. 4 colour process required. The packaging will require printing, folding, glueing and then flat packed for delivery so that they can then be added to the sewing machines.
Printed Packaging Required
We require packaging made for our products. We are selling underwear for Men (brief, trunk and boxer). The measurements would be approx 25cm high x 16 cm wide with a base approx 5 cm deep. The window opening will be approx 10x10 cm. The material will be a solid brown Kraft type paper / carboard. Printing a color picture onto that type of material might be difficult as the Kraft is not white. So a quote with logo printed in one color on one side and writing printed in same color on other side is required. Quality control: Printed packaging for boxed underwear required. Materials required plus printed logo. Example pictures are available to show what's required. Logo printed in one color on one side and writing printed in same color on other side

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