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Customised promotional clothing
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Promotional Clothing Quotes Ireland
Barbour style quilted jackets for men and women in brown that can be branded. Plus cream or white shirts (men and women), long sleeved for men, 3/4 length sleeved and fitted for women. Men's shirts to be smart but not slim fit, regular fit only. These require branding too. Also looking for long cream, cooper style aprons that will also need to be branded. Quality control: 60 kacjet in total. 60 shirts. Logo to be embroidered on the clothing.
Promotional products
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Promotional Key Rings Ireland
Promotional key rings Quality control: Promotional key ring prices are required for 500 and 1000 key rings in the shape of a house. 2 colour printing for logo.
Promotional products
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Promotional Match Boxes required
Promotional match boxes. Boxes black with white writing - company name. Matches should have an orange strike head. 1000 boxes required. Quality control: Promotional match boxes and matches are required for a candle maker who needs them for a customer. Match boxes should be black with white writing on - the company name. Matches have a orange head. 1000 boxes are required urgently. Product is needed asap and by 13th March if possible.

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