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My Marketing Manager

My Marketing Manager

Unit 10
Bessemer Road
RG21 3NB Basingstoke, United Kingdom
Phone : 0845 130 9451
VAT Number : 903 9615 22

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Member since: 22/06/2009
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? Marketing, planning and strategy - advice, consultancy, mentoring or we can write your marketing plan or strategy for you.

? Market research - looking to expand into a new market or product? Or perhaps you need to understand markets you already operate in? We offer a unique marketing research service covering complete primary, secondary research and analysis or even a ?snap shot? market research that can be produced to fit in with your timescales.
? Marketing communications - direct mail, flyers, advertising, print and production, web development and internet marketing, events and internet video production.

? Branding & collateral production - logo development, brochures, newsletters, customer magazines, promotional items.

? Website development - content, design, optimisation, monitoring performance.

? Internal communications - creation, management, implementation

? Public relations - PR strategy, press releases, feature articles, white papers, surveys, newsletters, web content, profile development.

? Event management - Strategic creation, planning, organisation and management of events, client functions and corporate hospitality.

Copywriting - from 10 to 10,000 words, no job too small

? Telemarketing - we work with our associate companies - to develop a telemarketing campaign which suits your business objectives and needs

? Email marketing - our email marketing tool ? My Email Manager is an HTML email marketing system for serious business.
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Cunningham Lindsey
Man and Machine
Force10 Networks
Seladis BIO
ITT Cannon
C+C Technology
Lloyds TSB

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