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Data lists & marketing databases
HR Decision Makers in London Companies
We would like quotes for the purchase or rental of a database of companies to be used for a marketing campaign. We have the following criteria for the data: Medium and large companies with a minimum of 300 employees, located in London. In the following industries only: Petroleum/oil/gas, Hospitality, Financial, Transport. We need 5,000 contacts who are decision makers in HR or personnel departments and CEOs. The data needs to INCLUDE emails for contacts. Quality control 01/07/2009: HR and recruitment specialists are looking for marketing data quotes.
Data lists & marketing databases
Data for Crop Farmers, Western Europe
We would like a quote for the purchase of data as follows: names, addresses and telephone numbers of crop farmers in UK, France, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium. We need this data for one-off telephone-based market research. Quality control 09/04/2009: London based research agency formed in 2006 and specialising in B2B projects is looking for quotes for data purchase.
Data lists & marketing databases
No region
Conference and Meetings Agencies in the UK
We would like quotes for data covering all Conference and Meeting Agencies (MICE agencies)based UK and possibly Europe that source venues on a global scale. The data needs to include: company names, contact names, with designation, telephone numbers and email addresses. We are interested in small and medium-sized companies and are looking for 1,500 contacts. Quality control 06/04/2009: SE based company in sales and marketing for travel and hotel industries is looking for datalist quotes.

Request a quote-data lists & marketing databases
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