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Bespoke software development
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Service Database Software (SDBS)
We are seeking a software developer to create database software with booking services/appointments facility and integrated e-commerce platform. We are interested in appointing an established firm OR a freelance consultant with a proven record of achievements in software development. Quality control 09/02/2009: London based company and previous user of Bobex UK needs bespoke software plus maintenance package for healthcare clients across different locations.
Business process software
Financial systems software
The contracting authority is currently planning to tender for, and purchase a software package to support its Finance, Stock and Procurement requirements, for its operational centres in London, south Wales and the East of England (plus other locations around the UK). The implementation should include, but is not limited to: the provision of software; configuration and set up of software; interface with existing systems; data migration; training; testing. BOBEX COMMENT, 06/08/2008: THE CONTACT DATA FOR THIS PUBLIC TENDER IS AVAILABLE IN THE DETAILED DESCRIPTION.
Business process software
Software packages
The contracting authority is seeking an 'off the shelf' software solution, with some bespoke elements as required. This solution is to cover aspects of Asset Management, Planned Maintenance, Contract Management, Certification, Payments and Financial Reporting. London BOBEX COMMENT, 22/04/2008: THE CONTACT DATA FOR THIS PUBLIC TENDER IS AVAILABLE IN THE DETAILED DESCRIPTION.
Database development & support
Software-related services
Contact for the Development and continued support of a database and related database management system to hold information on cost and quality of services and to report on and compare the performance of different contracts and workstreams within and across different organisations. London BOBEX COMMENT, 01/04/2008: THE CONTACT DATA FOR THIS PUBLIC TENDER IS AVAILABLE IN THE DETAILED DESCRIPTION.

Request a quote-business process software
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