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Data lists & marketing databases
South East Region (SE)
DM Datalist: Medium Size Businesses
We URGENTLY want to purchase/lease a database of medium sized companies within the Southampton to Portsmouth area of Hampshire. The companies must have a minimum of 25-30 employees and can be from any business sector. We understand there are approximately 2,000 records in this segment. Our preference is to purchase, put please provide a costs for PURCHASE AND LEASE, records to include the following information:- 1) A Named Contact within Company 2) Company Name 3) Address inc postcode 4) Telephone no. I would also like a separate quote to include email addresses. We would like to purchase these as well. Quality control 05/03/2009: Hampshire based agency with 20 years' experience is looking for data lists (with/without emails). Urgent responses would be appreciated.
Data lists & marketing databases
North West
Telemarketing Data for SMEs
We are holding government funded (and therefore free) environmental awareness courses in several different areas of the North West (UK). We want to run telemarketing campaigns to gain course attendees for each of the 7 planned sessions. We need telemarketing data (2,000 records x 7) targetting SMEs in specific industry areas. Quality control 09/02/2009: Regional office of a national charity for sustainability issues (funded by local and central government) needs to buy telemarketing lists.
Data lists & marketing databases
South East Region (SE)
AIM and PLUS Company Data
We would like a list of all CEO's, FD's, IT directors in AIM and Plus quoted companies. The data required includes company name, director names, address, phone number, plus email adresses and company turnover. Quality control 09/02/2009: Company established 1977 with 6 UK locations would like to purchase company data as specified to extend their existing database.
Data lists & marketing databases
South East Region (SE)
Business Opportunity
We are offering a business opportunity to entrepreneurs and would like a database of potential investors. We are planning to telemarket these contacts. Bobex Control: 16/09/2008 - This business in the South East of England is looking for competitive quotes for the supply of a database/list of individuals/potential investors in a business opportunity. Thank you for bidding on line with Bobex
CRM software
CRM database
5 year contract to provide data conversion from existing database and the supply, installation and maintenance of a new CRM database. Scotland BOBEX COMMENT, 10/07/2008: THE CONTACT DATA FOR THIS PUBLIC TENDER IS AVAILABLE IN THE DETAILED DESCRIPTION.

Request a quote-data lists & marketing databases
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