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Database development & support
Database Enhancement Project
Please provide an outline quote for enhancing our relational database holding over 13,000 records. It was built in-house as Access 2000 (we also have Access 2007), with the technical help of a database specialist on a voluntary basis. This specialist is not as available as we would need now. We currently have 10 main tables in the database holding in excess of 13,000 records. The main problems we are encountering currently are: some combo boxes are not allowing selections (though all these worked for the first few months, some have a fixed list based on a table, others have a list based on a query in a many-to-many relationship); difficulty in creating a sub-form to show data in a one-to-many relationship for a particular form only; trying to set up a code to calculate a date by default in a form; difficulty with some combo boxes (based on fixed list from query) to apply selection to one record only and save it; some queries can be edited while others cannot. Quality control: Established and registered national charity is looking for help to enhancing their database.

Request a quote-database development & support
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