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Cleaning services
Post Renovation Clean
Can you please provide a quote for deep cleaning a domestic house in Cork City, Ireland as follows: 3 Bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 1 Hallway, 1 Sitting Room, 1 Living Room, 1 Kitchen. Medium sized rooms, further detail can be provided on request. Also 6 windows. Renovations on the house are due to finish on Friday 04th June. We therefore require a one-off thorough clean to remove builders dust etc, preferably 05th or 08th June. Cleaning materials will need to be supplied by the cleaning service. Quality control: Please respond to this Bobex client directly by email or phone.
Cleaning services
South East Region (SE)
Adult Care Unit: Deep Cleaning
The premises have previously been used as a private care home. They are being re-opened as a unit for adults with learning difficulties. They have been emptied and cleared of all furniture and rubbish, but need thoroughly cleaning, including carpets and (30) windows. Some walls have been re-plastered and there is a lot of plaster dust etc. A one-off deep clean is needed prior to the unit opening. Please provide competitive quotes for deep cleaning of: 12 bedrooms (we estimate about 12x10ft each), office, kitchen and bathrooms over a weekend in early December. No cleaning materials are available. Kent location. Further details regarding the size of rooms will be available from the end of this week. Quality control: Please respond via Bobex to the management of this private home.

Request a quote-cleaning services
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