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Courier services
East of England
Courier Services
We are a charity organisation with a staff of 25 people and we provide training for other charities to help them get the best out of their business. On a daily basis we supply our clients with training packs and publications. Quality control 23/01/2009: Leading provider of support on quality and evaluation systems for the voluntary sector. Frequent use of courier services, often daily, for London area plus UK wide.
Courier services
Courier service
We regularly deliver boxes of goods to our branches across all London postcodes, Essex, Kent and Surrey. It is usually printed material and each item for delivery is usually 1 box, approx. 30 Kg. We would like the supplier to meet our current quote that is £6/package. Deliveries are to business addresses 8.30 am-6pm anytime and are ALL ground floor. Van can stop outside the premises to deliver. Bobex Control: 11/08/2008 - This business in London has used Bobex before and is now looking for competitive quotes for the regular delivery of materials to their branches in London, Essex, Kent and Surrey. Thank you for bidding on line with Bobex
National road haulage
North West
Log Cabins
We are a log cabin manufacturer with a volume of 80-100 items/month, we are looking for crane lorry's hi-ab's to deliver our goods to domestic premises, the pallets dimensions are from 3.5 m to 5.5 m x 1.2 m and about 0.50 m - 0.8 m height. The average weight is 1000 Kgs. We are looking for long term partners in delivering our goods Bobex Control: 08/08/2008 - This business in the North West of England is looking for offers from companies that wish to enter into a long term arrangement for the daily delivery of their products to locations around the UK Thank you for bidding on line with Bobex
Courier services
No region
Deliveries in London
We want to courier to 70 clients mainly in London postcodes and some in Essex, Kent and Surrey a pack of three pieces of total weight approx. 25Kg. Bobex Control: Contacted 14/07/2008 - This client in London has used successfully used Bobex before and is now looking for competitive quotes for the delivery of packages to their clients in and around London plus some in Essex, Kent and Surrey. Approx 20 deliveries per month each around 25 kg. On a 3 month rolling renewable contract. Thank you for bidding on line with Bobex
Logistics, storage & warehousing
East of England
STORAGE & DISTRIBUTION OF FRESH CUT FLOWERS. We need a partner to manage our stock of fresh flowers in theirs temperature controlled warehouse; pick the stock sold ready for dispatch; deliver the boxes of flowers to customers in the main UK flower markets or to customers outside the main markets. Collection of shipments from airports is also a possibility. Bobex Control: 17/06/2008 - This business in the East of England is looking for competitive quotes for the storage and delivery of around 50,000 boxes of imported flowers per annum. Note they can not be stored or transported with fruit. Thank you for bidding on line with Bobex
Courier services
No region
Clothing company deliveries
I am starting up an online clothing company with orders being accepted from worldwide customers. I am running the business from home. I need fast, reliable delivery of the products, mainly t-shirts, from my home address direct to the customers address, where ever it may be. Bobex Control: Contacted 07/05/2008 - This client in the South West of England is planning to launch his business in the summer and is looking for competitive quotes for the delivery of his products throughout the UK and overseas. Thank you for bidding on line with Bobex
International road haulage
West Midlands
Regular deliveries to Italy, Bulgaria and Poland
We are looking for quotes for the delivery of our products to Italy, Bulgaria and Poland. On average 2 deliveries a week to each of the locations (sometime more sometimes less). There may also be a larger delivery initially. Bobex Control: Contacted 23/04/2008 - This business in the West Midlands is looking for competitive quotes for the delivery of their products to three locations. as listed above. Individual or multiple packages approx 300 x1100 x750 mm in size each, weighing 10 to 30kg. Thank you for bidding on line with Bobex
Courier services
South East Region (SE)
Courier for toys
We are a small, toy company looking for reasonably priced couriers to deliver parcels of various sizes around the uk. Bobex Control: Contacted 01/04/2008 - This business in the South East of England is looking for competitive quotes for regular delivey of parcels to destinations around the UK. Thank you for bidding on line with Bobex
Courier services
No region
Door Transport - sort and deliver
We are a Timber Door retailer based in Bradford, West Yorkshire. We have our doors delivered all over the U.K. Currently we use many delivery companies depending on the service our customer requires. However we would prefer using one delivery company who is capable of delivering everything, regardless if it is one door in 5 days, or a pallet load next day. Many of our doors are extremely valuable and so damages are a major concern (we do not want a company who sub contracts). Ideally looking for a company who can collect a mixed batch from us twice a week, sort and deliver within 3/5 days. Would be regular work. Open to suggestions. Bobex Control: 03/02/2008 - This business in Yorkshire is looking for a competitive solution to the safe delivery of their doors to customers around the UK. Please contact the buyer directly for discussions. Thank you for bidding on line with Bobex

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