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CategoryRegionExemples of requests
Direct mail, mailshots, distribution
South East Region (SE)
Direct mail fulfillment, Surrey
1000 postcards to be sent out to 1000 different addressees, in two batches of 500. These will need to have printed labels attached and mailed out directly. Quality control:Dispatch of mail shot only required. The cards will be delivered directly from the printers for mail fulfillment. Address labels will need to be added. 1,000 UK addresses - 2 mailings of 500 each.
Direct mail, mailshots, distribution
South East Region (SE)
Business Card Distribution to Households
Please provide costs for the mailing of 50,000 company business cards to households in the Bedfordshire region. The cards are standard size and weight and need to be sent out over 3/4 weeks starting in July. Quality control: This Bedfordshire pest control business would like to be contacted by email or phone please.
Direct mail, mailshots, distribution
North West
Door Drop Deliveries
Please quote for a bulk door drop delivery of a directory across 150,000 addresses with FY postcode. The item dimensions are: Width 180mm, Height 270mm, Depth 5mm, Weight 150g. We require this service on an annual basis. We will provide a database. Fulfillment required for August. Quality control: This N.W. publishing company is looking for quotes for dispatch services. Please respond via Bobex. with outline quotes.

Request a quote-direct mail, mailshots, distribution
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