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Packaging & label design
Other regions
Packaging and Labels for Cookies
This is a re-publication of a quote request for food grade packaging as follows: catering boxes for American size and standard size homemade cookies that will hold 10, 20 and 30 cookies, along with waxed paper printed with our company name. Presentation is key, so we would need good quality boxes with the company name printed on them, or printed on ribbon for tying around the boxes. We also require cellophane bags plus labels to go on them to hold up to 5 medium and 5 large cookies. We'd like the design to also work online on our company website. Please provide an outline quote. We also welcome phone calls to discuss what suppliers are able to provide. Quality control: Start up in East Ireland would like quotes for food packaging design and supply.
Packaging & label design
Label Design for Spice Product
We are looking for label design for our chilli and spice blend in powder form. The chosen packaging is round rigid paper containers. Simple, cost effective (two, at most three colours) eye catching label with well established look. Approximate sizes of containers are H=6 1/2", D=5" and H=5 1/2", D=4". Labels should cover the entire surface of containers, excluding top and bottom. Both labels have to be identical except their size. Final design is to be submitted in electronic format as specified by the packaging supplier for easy integration into their manufacturing process. Our target consumer market is mainly Ethiopian adults. N.B. we prefer a design without ethnic elements. Quality control: Start up in South London would like quotes for food label design.
Packaging & label design
Cupcake Packaging Design
We have a new Surrey based cupcake business and are looking for quotes for 2 types of packaging to hold muffin size cupcakes (55x33mm) and mini muffin size (31x23mm) a) for selling the products face to face b) for sending the products to purchasers via post or courier. Our target markets are consumers and small to medium size businesses. We are looking for a cost effective packaging solution, in particular for a November exhibition. Please see the details below: a) Packaging to place the cupcakes in for customers at farmers markets/shows etc. Ideally, some kind of clear bag/box, different sizes (if possible with inserts, but without if more cost effective). Plain, chic, elegant, can be dressed up with printed company logo or bow etc. b) Sturdier packaging with inserts to hold cupcakes being sent through the post - holding both size of cupcakes. Attractive, carrying the company logo or perhaps some kind of labelling if that works out more economical. Quality control 21/08/2009: Start-up already selling to end consumers is looking for product packaging design quotes.
Packaging & label design
South West
Greeting Card Packaging
We are looking for quotes for single walled boxes for transporting greeting cards around the UK. Card size: 6 inches square. We need to have two rows of cards; the length would be approx 24 inches. We also require packaging and label design. Quality control 03/03/2009: Previous Bobex user, company based SW England needs packaging and labels for their product.
Graphic design (e.g. logo design)
West Midlands
Label Design
We have a requirement for a designer to create new labels for products we will be launching next year. These might range from drill bits to welding equipment, fasteners to abrasives. Most of the labels will be attached to the outer packaging (boxes). Some may require hazard warnings. In addition, you will need to factor in the fact that the labels may need to be printed in 15 languages (either all on one multi-lingual label, by region, or as single languages). Bobex Control: 27/11/2008 - This European Headquarters of an industrial tools distributors based in the West Midlands is looking for competitive quotes for the design of new labels for a product launch in early 2009. Thank you for bidding on line with Bobex
Packaging & label design
South West
Lip balm tamper proof label
I need a label that isn't standard design, which will fit over small 10ml circular containers and will constitute tamper proof design. It needs basically to be shaped like an '8' with a neck approx 2.6cm long between the circular sections. Bobex Control: 03/11/2008 - This start-up business in the South West of England is looking for competitive quotes for the design of a tamper proof label for their product. Thank you for bidding on line with Bobex
Packaging & label design
South West
A necklace black box cardboard. measuring around 160mm x 160mm x 30mm. With my name and internet address on the box. With just simple wadding inside. Also small stickers with the company name and internet address. Bobex Control: Contacted 27/10/2008 - This start-up business in the South West of England is looking for competitive quotes for the design of a necklace box and labels for their jewellery. Thank you for bidding on line with Bobex
Packaging & label design
Yorkshire and Humberside
Sandwich label design
We want a simple label designed for us to be able to print off on our PC to use on our packed sandwiches. The label needs to contain our logo, the price, the sandwich description and best by date. Bobex Control: Contacted 23/06/2008 - This small business in Yorkshire is looking for a designer who could produce a template for a sandwich label to be used in their shop. Please contact the buyer directly if you are interested. Thank you for bidding with Bobex
Packaging & label design
Can packaging and label design
Looking for a company that will produce fancy packaging for premium tinned fish. It will have colourful printed exterior, which we will need help with the graphic design. Bobex Control: Contacted 05/02/2008 - This start-up business in London is looking for quotes / expressions of interest for the design and production of labels and cardboard packaging for an up-market canned fish. Thank you for bidding on line with Bobex

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