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Yorkshire and Humberside
Lease office printer
I'm looking to lease/buy (depending on which is most tax/cost effective), a B&W laser printer. I'm looking for something along the lines of a Xerox Phaser 5500, but I'm willing to look at other brands. The main issues are speed, quality, cost per page and the ability to add a finishing unit for stapling (and maybe booklet making at a later stage). Initially I'll probably want a look at the printer pricing and a separate price for a corner stapler. I may not need the corner stapler immediately, but I do need the option to add the facility at a later date (even if I go and buy one separately). If it's cost effective, I may just opt for both to start. For length of lease (if that is your proposal rather than a sale), I'm flexible. I willing to look at all options. Bobex Control: 22/12/2008 - This business in Yorkshire is looking for competitive quotes for the supply of a a laser printer (lease or purchase) Thank you for bidding on line with Bobex

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