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Vehicle Tracking System
East Midlands
Vehicle Tracking Light Commercial Vehicles
Vehicle Tracking for 4 light commercial vehicles. In particular want to be able to identify total shift times and breaks between work. Verification Notes:An engineering company - market leader for design, manufacture and installation of control and information systems - is looking for a vehicle tracking system for their four vans. They have over 20 vehicles in the fleet however the remaining vehicles are cars. They want to monitor driver hours and shift patterns predominately for duty of care undertakings. The vans travel throughout the UK. They have already had vehicle tracking demonstrations from RAM and 21C and they say these tracking systems seem intuitive and easy to use however they have not made any decision yet and want to discuss options with more suppliers (hence this request). The buyer is the MD and very busy so can be difficult to get hold of; persisitance is required.

Request a quote-vehicle tracking system
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