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Courier services
Road Transport Required - Garage Door. London
Collect from Durham deliver to South-East London (Thamesmead SE28) one metal up-and-over garage door size 2.2m x 2.1m. Fairly heavy, but do not know exact weight. Quote required. Quality control:One off delivery and pick-up.
Courier services
Pick up and Delivery for Gazebo
We are looking for quotes for one-off transport of an octagonal gazebo. Three cardboard boxes, contents as follows: 174X16X31cm 39.4kg- Metal poles 122x23x38CM 29.6KG- Canvas covers 216X17X27cm 42.5kg- metal poles Pick up from Cheshire address, delivery to Surrey. Quality control: Please respond to this domestic client via Bobex.
National road haulage
Wooden Flooring Transport
Please quote for the transport of maple wooden flooring - various lengths, probably 4m max. 2.25 in wide but two lots taped together (so width probably 5 inches) and the lengths in reasonable bundles. Approx 30square meters. Pick up Caerphilly, South Wales. Delivery to Northampton, England. One off requirement. Quality control: Please respond via Bobex to this domestic client with a detailed outline quote.

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