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International road haulage
No region
China to UK Air Freight
We are looking for a company to send goods on a 2-4 day international Air freight. We send 2 shipments per week, with an average weight of 200-500KG. We are currently using DHL, FEDEX and UPS, but could do with a freight forwarder with a base in HK or in China as the rates are more competitive. The goods to be transported are electronic and boxed. Delivery to South West UK. Quality control 20/03/2009: S.W UK based previous Bobex user and supplier of security camera systems since 2001 is looking for international air freight quotes.
National road haulage
Northern Ireland
Spring Cool
transportation of full loads from NORTHERN IRELAND to Scotland with storage facilities to facilitate minimum 1 pallet drops to customers or half loads as requested Bobex Control: 18/12/2008 - This business in the Northern Ireland is looking for competitive quotes for a logistics service covering the regular transportation of full loads to Scotland and storage and delivery to their customers. Thank you for bidding on line with Bobex
Data lists & marketing databases
Database for Manufacturing & Logistics in supply a
I am in advertising in Manufacturing & Logistics and would like to purchase an additional Database with email addresses for senior managers and decision makers in this field. Bobex Control: 13/11/2008 - This business in London is looking for competitive quotes for the supply of a database/list senior managers and decision makers in Manufacturing & Logistics. Thank you for bidding on line with Bobex
Logistics, storage & warehousing
Yorkshire and Humberside
Pick and Pack Plastic Extrusions
We are seeking a small amount of warehouse space (less than 100sq ft.) and pick and pack facilities. Our manufacturers would be delivering plastic extrusions (4m. in length), in lots of 500 of each of the three extrusions. These packs would then need to be split, and the sets made up from the three extrusions, in lots of 10. Then wrapped and labelled. Our courier would pick them up once or twice weekly. Anticipated (initial) volume: 10 packages per week (i.e. 100 sets of extrusions, in lots of 10 per pack, outbound). Bobex Control: 17/07/2008 - This business in Yorkshire is looking for expressions of interest from logistics companies that are able to assist with warehousing and pick and pack services (preferably near Manchester). Thank you for bidding on line with Bobex
Logistics, storage & warehousing
East of England
STORAGE & DISTRIBUTION OF FRESH CUT FLOWERS. We need a partner to manage our stock of fresh flowers in theirs temperature controlled warehouse; pick the stock sold ready for dispatch; deliver the boxes of flowers to customers in the main UK flower markets or to customers outside the main markets. Collection of shipments from airports is also a possibility. Bobex Control: 17/06/2008 - This business in the East of England is looking for competitive quotes for the storage and delivery of around 50,000 boxes of imported flowers per annum. Note they can not be stored or transported with fruit. Thank you for bidding on line with Bobex

Request a quote-logistics, storage & warehousing
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