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Logistics, storage & warehousing
30,000 sq ft Storage plus Distribution Services
We are re-launching this request for outline quotes for storage and logistics. We need 30,0000 sq ft of storage plus logistics services for valuable and fragile goods, luxury fashion items etc. The storage location needs to be London and quotes should also cover order preparation and transportation/deliveries. Fulfillment to start early January 2010. Quality control: International company providing advisory services for luxury retailing is looking for outline quotes by 28 October. Please respond via Bobex.
Logistics, storage & warehousing
South West
Warehousing in Scotland
We are looking for quotes for warehousing and delivery services in Scotland. We have clients in Glasgow and Edinburgh and would like to have a warehouse in Scotland to which we can send a full truck of boxed goods (Euro pallets, 175 Kg per pallet). We envisage deliveries four times to customers in Glasgow and Edinburgh. Quality control 21/05/2009: Aerial manufacturer based in Spain is looking for warehousing quotes.
Logistics, storage & warehousing
South East Region (SE)
Logistics services
Contract to provide a storage and distribution service for the Uniform Stores using a web based ordering site. South East England BOBEX COMMENT, 07/08/2008: THE CONTACT DATA FOR THIS PUBLIC TENDER IS AVAILABLE IN THE DETAILED DESCRIPTION.

Request a quote-logistics, storage & warehousing
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