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CategoryRegionExemples of requests
Graphic design (e.g. logo design)
South East Region (SE)
Logo design, sustainability project
Logo for a new project recently added to our portfolio. The logo will act as an identifier throughout the life of the project of 2 years and will be applied to all print, web, partner websites and other promotional materials. Quality control 03/09/2009: The logo needs to sit comfortably alongside partner logos and their own company logo. Please contact them through the Bobex site.
Graphic design (e.g. logo design)
Love media incorporation
I want a simple logo with the heart sign,classy with a touch of red and black but not too loud Something simple for a media company. Bobex Control: Contacted 16/10/2008 - This business in London is looking for someone to design simple log for them. This is smaller than we would normally accept on Bobex but may be of interest to some of our suppliers so we have accepted it. Please contact the buyer directly - preferably by email. Thank you for bidding with Bobex
Printed binders & folders
South East Region (SE)
I'm looking to get some ring binders with the company logo on the front and spine as well as some labelling pockets. A pocket for a business would also be ideal. Bobex Control: Contacted 30/09/2008 - This business in the South of England is looking for competitive quotes for the supply of 50 ring binders bearing their logo on the front and spine. Thank you for bidding on line with Bobex
Graphic design (e.g. logo design)
Logo Design
I want to have my logo redrawn so that I can have the original on disc should I need to resize it in the future for other purposes.
Special printing
North East
Gummed map bindings
I have five tourist maps that I would like to bind together to form a pack. I need either a gummed printed paper strap with a logo on it. Bobex Control: Contacted 19/02/2008 - This business in the North East of England is looking for competitive quotes for the supply of printed gummed strips of paper (100gsm or similar) to use as paper straps to go around and hold a roll of maps together. Thank you for bidding on line with Bobex
Promotional products
North West
Rigging & Slinging keyrings
Order qty of 50 or 100 pieces, a metal keyring with laser engraving consisting of the following: Logo Phone number web address In one colour Bobex Control: Contacted 15/02/2008 - This business in Derbyshire is looking for competitive quotes for the supply metal keyrings branded with their business contacts as a promotional gift. Thank you for bidding on line with Bobex
Graphic design (e.g. logo design)
Logo Design
Logo Designing Bobex Quality Control - 01/02/2008 - This London based client has used Bobex before. The buyer is now looking for a graphic designer to produce logos as and when required for their clients. Thank you for bidding on-line with Bobex

Request a quote-graphic design (e.g. logo design)
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