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Graphic design (e.g. logo design)
Logo Design For School, London
Graphic design - logo. We already have our image files. We just want it put together the way we envision it (as a logo) so that it is done affordably and professionally, and will look good whether at, say, three - five feet high on the company sign as well as at a sixteenth of an inch on company staionery. Quality control:Logo for school - pupils 11 to18yrs.
Graphic design (e.g. logo design)
North East
New Logo Design for Catering Company
We are looking for quotes please for the design of an original logo for a new pizza company that will operate from a mobile catering trailer. Our target market includes students, officer workers and other passers-by. The logo is to be put onto menus, napkins, uniforms (aprons, caps) and customer comment cards etc. Quality control: This registered new launch company in the North East would like quotes for the development of a new logo please.
Graphic design (e.g. logo design)
East of England
New Logo Design plus Website
We are a new independent consultancy with experienced staff specialising in innovative use of LED lighting. We are looking for an outline quote for the development of a new logo, website and business stationery. Our target market sectors for our design orientated solutions include architects, designers, the super yacht industry and corporations wanting to benefit from green lighting solutions. We need a logo that will work online and on print, will perform well on the majority of coloured backgrounds and will also stand out when adhered to glass. Our product is innovative, high quality and environmentally friendly. We would like quotes for a bespoke designed basic, simple, elegant, prominent website of approx 6 - 10 pages (not to be from a template). We have a domain name and we can provide images and the bulk of the text. We would be interested in having a long term working relationship with an appropriate supplier. Quality control 19/08/2009: Cambridgeshire consultancy with staff experienced in providing low voltage lighting solutions for business clients is looking for logo and website design quotes.
Graphic design (e.g. logo design)
Design Services and Printing
We are a home improvements company that is targeting the domestic market. We are looking for design and production services for business logo, website and print materials. Please quote for putting our logo design into j-peg format, then for design, artwork production and printing of the following: full colour A4 letterheads, (to be used also for invoicing); print run 1,000. Business cards, standard size, one version, full colour, printed landscape one side, varnished one side, print run 1,000. We also need a 3 or 4 page website to include: introduction to the company, contact details and previous work/gallery with pricing. We are about to purchase the domain name. Quality control 15/07/2009: Surrey based home improvement company is looking for quotes for design and production of materials and website design.

Request a quote-graphic design (e.g. logo design)
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