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Graphic design (e.g. logo design)
Re-working Business Logo plus House Style
We currently have a logo which consists of our company name. Please quote for re-working our logo to add a symbol to it that will create a more well rounded and identifiable company image. We are also interested in development of a corporate style and designs for office stationery. We are a London based global wholesaler in a specific area of the jewellery business. We have 50-100 employees and will need to use our logo at trade shows worldwide. We also have a website. Quality control 23/07/2009: Please note this company will be closed for holidays from the end of business tomorrow. However, they welcome quotes via Bobex to consider on their return.
Graphic design (e.g. logo design)
North East
North East Business: New Logo Design
We would like quotes from inspirational, creative logo designers for a new business logo that can be used easily across all our marketing materials and also on a new website. We would like a minimum of 3 design options to consider. Our target market is UK based trade and retail clients, who want to purchase the granite worktops (eg kitchen studios) that we manufacture. We want an exciting design which gives the look and feel of a professional, large organisation which can deliver quality work every time. Quality control 10/07/2009: Logo design quotes needed by County Durham located company.
Graphic design (e.g. logo design)
Logo Design for Name Change
We would lke quotes for a distinctive modern logo to reflect professionalism for our company (Chartered Accountants and Business Advisers) which is updating its image and changing its name. We are open to ideas, and currently use blue and yellow, but we're not bound to these colours. We would like the design to also work on business cards, signage and window blinds. We'd be interested in design services that could provide their services in the Edinburgh area. Quality control 08/07/2009: Established Edinburgh based chartered accountants with UK-wide clients would like quotes for a new logo.
Graphic design (e.g. logo design)
East of England
New Logo Design
We are looking for quotes for a new logo design. Something fresh looking with a real life image. It needs to be something we can use on stationery, a website and large signage. We are an established manufacturer of high quality (and bespoke) packing cases and our target market is anyone who needs these cases (such as hauliers and exporters). Quality control 07/07/2009: Established South East based packing case manufacturer would like quotes for logo design.
Graphic design (e.g. logo design)
South East Region (SE)
Company and Product Logo Design
We are creating a Swine Flu Travel Pack. We are looking for quotes for logos for both our company and our pioneering product. The company will have several travel packs including hygiene kits for men and women. The flu pack will include face masks and hand sanitizer gel. Criteria for a refined brand should be: - Memorable - Credible, safe and clean - Convenient - Intelligent - Bold with impact for shelf presence - Inexpensive looking important to imbue quality and safety. The logos will need to work on printed products and online. Our budget is relatively modest. Quality control 30/06/2009: New company based West Sussex is looking for corporate and product logo development quotes.
Graphic design (e.g. logo design)
North West
New Logo for Software Product
We have completed a web based application for warehouse management and we would like quotes for the design of a new logo for it that will work both online and off-line. Following the logo design, we anticipate building a brand image and product website to facilite on-line marketing and software sales. We are looking for quotes please for the development of a strong and creative 2 colour logo to represent our new software targeting the business market. We would like to build a long-term relationship with a supplier who can later help us with rolling out the logo/brand to other sales and marketing collateral and corporate stationery. Quality control 24/06/2009: Established IT services company based in Southern Ireland would like quotes for logo design.
Graphic design (e.g. logo design)
North West
Logo Design for Car Dealership
We are looking for quotes for logo design for a customer - for use on both a website and on stationery. Our client wants a basic logo that "does the job" for a competitive price. The target group for the design will be end-consumers Quality control 18/06/2009: Cheshire based consultancy is looking for best value quotes for logo design for a local business.
Graphic design (e.g. logo design)
Logo Design for Web and Print
We have a new trading name for which we need a visual identity and to build up some simple web pages. There is a tight brief on the logo and the variants and mediums needed. We require some help with the graphics (and possibly putting together the website - web hosting and publishing tools have already been paid for). We have specific ideas for the logo and requirements include low res and high res versions suitable for print and web. Our budget is small, but we are looking for minimum input to get this up and running. Quality control 28/05/2009: South London based consultancy is looking for competitive quotes for logo design.

Request a quote-graphic design (e.g. logo design)
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