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Business gifts
Northern Ireland
Promotional Gifts: Engraved USBs
Please provide quotes for metal/metallic USBs 1GB, matt finish. We are looking for good prices for good quality, stylish but serious (no novelty) USBs. These will need to be engraved one colour with our logo on one side and URL on the other. Please quote for 100 and 200 units, delivery to Northern Ireland, for end of August/September. The USBs will be distributed at conferences, training sessions and during marketing campaigns. Quality control 17/08/2009: N.I. Company operating in oil/gas industry is looking for good prices for logo USBs.
Promotional products
Quality 64MB Memory Sticks With Logo
Our organisation routinely produces reports and other information which we want to deliver to our audience - statutory and public bodies, other voluntary organisations - in a useful and professional-looking format. We're considering, rather than paying a printer each time we produce a new report, buying in USB memory sticks. Because we would simply be using them to give away a single copy of a report, we could likely go as low as 64MB: but we would want the stick itself to be of good quality and have our logo on it in a professional format. Please quote for 500, 1000, 2,500 units, preferably white so our logo shows up clearly on it. Delivery to Edinburgh. Quality control 10/07/2009: Previous successful Bobex user, established lobbying organisation based in Edinburgh would like quotes for logo USBs.

Request a quote-business gifts
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