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Cable & network
Cabling an Apartment for a Business
Urgent request! Please quote for: cabinet with 19 outlets (for pc's, broadband, printers, telephones) to be placed in an apartment with 3 rooms, about 120 sq m. PC's in network. One room 7 outlets, the second room 7, the 3rd room 4 and 1 in the hall. 300 m of cable is required. Drilling through 4 walls: 3 of 17 cm thick and 1 of 30 cm. It's in a London apartment, so work has to be done neatly. We are also looking for phone system installation and IT support. Work needs to start this month. Quality control: This registered Irish company is setting up a base in London and would like quotes for cabling work. Thanks for quoting urgently.

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